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Your Love story
- live

Invite those who are not able to arrive!

Let them leave you a wish!

Thanks to high-quality streaming, you can share your wedding ceremony with people who cannot be there with you, whether for geographical, political or health reasons.

We will capture both the atmosphere of the wedding and details such as your first kiss or rings exchange. After the ceremony, you can send a message through cameras and your audience can leave messages for you in return. And of course, you'll also have an offline recording of one of the most important events in your life in 4K quality (live streaming is in full HD).

We provide live streaming of wedding across the whole Czech Republic and we are based in Prague.


What is needed?

Streaming weddings can be broadcast on social media, namely on YouTube or other platforms. We will create a link for a specific date and time of your ceremony, which you can then send to everyone who should watch the live wedding stream. On the day of your ceremony, we will start streaming 15-30 minutes in advance to allow people to join on time, and during these  minutes, we can display your photos or some introductory video.

During the wedding broadcast, viewers can leave messages for you, and you can also communicate with them via camera and microphone. We will be stay with cameras behind the altar and will not interfere with the ceremony.

Price from: 5000 KČ 

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